Unlocking Nextar GPS W3G-01

Unlocking Nextar GPS W3G-01

for those that need it:
GPS “nmea” on
com port 6
serial port 2
baud 9600


After finding out that many GPS units actually run Windows CE at its core I decided to get the cheapest GPS unit I could find and unlock it.
Normally you only have access to the GPS software provided by the manufacturer. In an unlocked unit you have access to any software available for the windows CE environment. Including, but not limited to GPS navigation, multimedia playback, and games.

The Nextar W3G-01 is different then the W3G. Searching online through forums and web pages yielded very little information. Here I hope to provide my own research, along with basic information on how to unlock this unit. Be aware that this will probably void your warranty.

Operating System: Windows CE 4.2
Processor: Intel PXA255 300MHz
RAM: 64 MB
Internal Storage: 1 GB
Battery: Built-in Lithium 1200 mAH
Screen: 3.5″ 320×240 touchscreen LCD
SD/MMC card reader
3.5mm headphone jack


Note: the Operating System is read only, any settings or changes made to the core operating system will be reset on reboot)


1. Download and install ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center

2. Turn GPS unit on, wait for the unit to fully boot then plug in via a USB port

3. Device center should automatically open, find it in the start menu

4. Select:  Connect without setting up your device -> File Management -> Browse the content of your device

5. Go into Flash_Storage

6. Find and open AUTORUN.INF

7. Delete all contents and replace with “navigation = \Windows\explorer.exe” without quotes.
This will allow the unit to directly start up in the Windows 4.2 desktop environment. This command can be edited to start an application from an SD card or from internal memory. for example “navigation = \MMC_Storage\gps\navigator.exe” would start the program “navigator.exe” from an SD memory card under a folder named gps.

8. Save to Desktop or any easily accesible location on your computer.
(You will not be able to save directly to the GPS navigator from notepad)

9. Find the saved file and drag and drop it back to Flash_Storage. Allow windows to write over the existing file.

10. Done! now you have an unlocked unit.  Play around with your unlocked Nextar W3G-01. Browse the web for applications and how-to guides. Have fun!

11 Responses to Unlocking Nextar GPS W3G-01

  1. jason says:

    Is there a link (maybe email me) where I can find other gps spftware to use after this hack?

  2. aj says:

    i have thee nextar 43nt(model) im looking 4 the instructions on how 2 hack, or does theese apply. thanks

  3. raku says:

    hi man i lost the orginal file from the nextar w3g-01 pleese help me how i can get back that

  4. Christopher w says:

    Raku: backup the original files first to your pc/laptop

  5. Icon says:

    Doesn’t work. I’ve overwritten the autorun.inf and the w3g-01 works the same as if I didn’t do anythign to it. Weird?

  6. Icon says:

    Maybe my problem is the machine is running CE 5.0 instead of 4.2???

  7. Abel says:

    My Nextar windows CE version is 5.0. Is this “how to” valid for it as well?

  8. Rickyvb says:

    I used this hack partially with great success. I already installed the files I wanted to the SD CARD but was unable to find the files internally on the GPS. The microsoft activesync download helped with this. I was able to start my MIOPOCKET install from there.

    Users beware. The Nextar X4/T is slow going on MIOPOCKET 4.0. Working on my own Program now to make it more streamlined and use less ram and space.

    Thanks for this post and the download links. It helped me a ton.

    My post on my boot program will be at http://rickyvb.webs.com/ in the next month or so. Thanks again!!! = )

  9. Joshua says:

    I need this same information, but i need it for the 43NT!!!!

  10. Eliezer says:

    Can you update the tutorial with win7?

  11. jamz says:

    I have a nextar me and cant up date maps is it worth keeping or how do I unlock it to install other map software?

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