M70003 Series 7″ tablet

Often can be found as apad, epad, or simply generic android tablet, these low cost devices provide basic functionality. I purchased this unit to use as a basic e-reader and web browser during travel time. This particular unit is sold as the M70003 Series and can be found for around 80 dollars as of late 2010.

The device itself is fairly small, about half the size of an Ipad. It takes quite a while to do a cold boot, although once booted seems to perform fairly well. Keep in mind that this device only had 128 Megs of RAM and a 533 MHz Processor. Do not expect this device to play many games, or watch highquality videos. It runs Android 1.6 which is losing developer support to current versions of the operating system. I found that the battery runs for about 2 hours, long enough for a short flight or quick train ride.

To the left you can see the main screen. At the top you have a toolbar with some basic information, including wireless signal strength, battery life, and the time. The toolbar also functions as quick access to the home screen. You can also change the screen orientation from this toolbar if you have the gravity sensor disabled. From my experience with this device the gravity sensor did not seem to work very well under any circumstance, randomly switching the screen orientation and changing songs with the slightest movement. I would recommend disabling it.
At the bottom of the screen you will see a Mac style doc to access email, the web browser, your calendar, contacts, and settings. E-mail is fairly straight forward and easy to use. The web browser included works well, again you will find that this is not the fastest experience. Calendar and contacts are also very simple to use, but I found that it will not sync with your Google account information. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next release.

The App Market for this device is terrible. Other then a calculator you will be hard pressed to find anything useful. You can still run most apps designed for Android 1.6, though most will not be found in the App Market. Instead you will need to search online for the individual .apk installation files for the programs you wish to install.
The included PDF reader is very cumbersome. Instead, I recommend purchasing RepliGo, it runs very smoothly. Each page takes only a few seconds to load and had no issues loading larger documents. very easy to use. I also found the music and video players were not very useful. You will only be able to play low resolution mpeg and flv video files smoothly on this device. MP4 and higher quality video files will attempt to play but are not very watchable. The included music player is very difficult to navigate and can be slow at times. Instead I would recommend bTunes. It will run nicely as an mp3 player. I did find however that listening to music while working on other tasks significantly slowed the system down, and often caused bTunes to stop completely. Viewing images on the device is simple. The size of this device is about the size of a picture frame, and could be used as such. Actually, the most interesting application I found on this device goes by the name of Magic Album. It is simply a large digital clock which displays the date and weather forecast. Also allowing you to set alarm times, brightness and giving you quick access to your e-mail (does not work, takes you to photos for some reason), music, and photos. It disables any standby settings you may have and keeps the screen on as long as it is running.
In terms of performance it is far behind the competition. But for the low price this device can make a very useful travel companion.

M70003 Specifications

7 inch 800×480 glossy LCD touch-screen

802.11a/b/g wireless
533 MHz VIA ARM926 processor (unverified)
128 MB RAM
2 GB of on-board flash storage
3.5mm audio output
Camera, Microphone, and Speakers

Android OS 1.6
Gravity Sensor
microSD slot
9V DC input
mini USB port
Off/On and Volume Up/Down buttons
weight:14.4 oz
Dimensions:8.00″ x 5.25″
ROM upgradeable
Boot time
Cold: ~70 seconds
Warm: Near instant
Additional information and custom ROMs at slatedriod: http://www.slatedroid.com/orphan-m7003/
Be warned that Improper Installations of ROMs can lead to device failure.

14 Responses to M70003 Series 7″ tablet

  1. Karla McGowan says:

    I can’t unlock it and I can’t find menu button as outlined in the users manual. In the manual it marks a round port but I don’t have a key to unlock it.


  2. dora says:

    I would like this data, thanks.
    1. IMEI number

    2. MODEL

  3. Luis says:

    hey i have this same tablet i put a lock code on it and now i cant unlocked it n i forgot my gmail can anyone help me i want to do like a master reset or something

  4. mohammad says:

    ان الجهاز لدي ويعمل بكفاة عالية واشتريته ما يقارب 82 دولار لكن بعد اسبوع اختفى النظام وبدات الشاشة تظهر لي كالوان منها الابيض والاحمر والاخضر والازرق قرأت التعليمات لكن لم تجدي نفعا فماذا علي ان افعل

  5. Lani says:

    My daughter has acidentally deleted some programes from her tablet. It switches on but that is it – nothing appears on the screen. What website can I go on to re-install the data. Please help!

  6. Roland says:

    Trying to connect a 3g network help plz?

  7. Greg says:

    These things are pure junk. I just bought one a couple weeks ago and all it wants to do now is constantly take screen shots. You can’t do anything with it. Before it started doing that the app market is a complete and utter joke. Trust me you get what you pay for and if you want something that actually works spend the money.

  8. Latoshia says:

    My son left charger in a hotel room when we was traveling.how can i get another one

  9. silvio says:

    Ola, a 2 meses atras comprei esse tablet e queria saber como fazer para ele ter mais tempo de resposta e melhor desempenho. Porfavor me ajude e mande a resposta para o meu hotmail: silvio.mms@hotmail.com obrigado!

  10. Belen says:

    Hola Yo tengo una de Estas Tablets M70003 Series..! El problema que tengo es que cuando intento prenderla se me congela en la precentacion de Androi .. kmOo hago para q vuelva a funcionar normalmente… =/ .. alguien me puede responder lo mas pronto posible, por fabor… Gracias!*

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I need help with unlocking the screen I forgot the pattern. Can you please help me

  12. amut says:

    I need help with unlocking the screen I forgot the pattern. Can you please help me

  13. ziccox says:

    does jay-pc tablet PID7901 which has a model M70003 uses SIM card

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